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 High Performnance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

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The SC10 Challenges

The SC10 conference Technical Challenges will provide a way to showcase both expertise and HPC resources in friendly yet spirited competitions. SC10 will feature Challenges that have been held previously, but may also include new areas of interest. For example, SC09 Challenges include the Student Cluster Competition and HPC Storage Challenge. SC10 Challenges will be highlighted to complement the conference’s Technology Thrusts and Technical Program agenda.



The Storage Challenge

The Storage Challenge is a competition showcasing applications and environments that effectively use the storage subsystem in high performance computing, which is often a limiting system component. Submissions can be based upon tried and true production systems as well as research or proof of concept projects not yet in production. Participants will describe their implementations and present measurements of performance, scalability and storage subsystem utilization. Judging will be based on these measurements as well as innovation and effectiveness; maximum size and peak performance are not the sole criteria. Finalists will be chosen on the basis of submissions that are in the form of proposals; they will present their completed results in a technical session during the conference. Winner(s) will be announced at the SC10 awards session.


Student Cluster Competition

The Student Cluster Competition (SCC)showcases next-generation high-performance computing talent harnessing the incredible power of current-generation cluster hardware. In this real-time challenge, teams of six undergraduate and/or high school students assemble a small cluster of their own design on the SC exhibit floor and race to correctly complete the greatest number of application runs during the competition period. WITH A CATCH… run real HPC workloads on the same power needed to run only 3 coffee makers! Prior to the competition, teams work with their supervisor and vendor partners to design and build a cutting-edge commercially available small cluster that does not exceed the 26 amp power limit and learn four predetermined HPC applications. During the competition, teams are judged on the speed of the HPCC benchmarks, the throughput and accuracy of applications runs, and ability to impress SC participants and judges during the conference.

In its 4th year, the Student Cluster Competition continues to be exciting, educational and a truly rewarding experience for students, supervisors, vendor partners, and SC participants.


Click here for more information on the competition, rules and guidelines.

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