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 High Performnance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

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SC10 Media Partners

The SC10 conference welcomes working partnerships with media covering high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis. Such partnerships are established with the goal of disseminating news about the conference to key audiences while helping the media organizations raise awareness of their publications among SC attendees. For SC10, the following media are official partners:

Premier Media Partners is the web's leading source for up-to-the-minute news, commentary, exclusive features and analysis about everything HPC.

Covering cutting-edge hardware and software developments to new business models and discoveries accelerated by the power of supercomputing, insideHPC is updated continually with the latest news on matters of interest to the global HPC community.

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With a fast paced, "get to the point" style, and a balanced tone that we like to call "News with Attitude" supported by a broad variety of audience channels, insideHPC doesn't just have readers, we have a community of dedicated followers. experiences more than 1 million monthly page views (article retrievals), and for those months when we run special supplements, the volume has approached 2 million monthly page views.

If your organization wants to reach the global community of supercomputing center managers, HPC thought leaders, senior corporate executives, program managers, and HPC practitioners ranging from computational scientists to system administrators, then you will want to turn to insideHPC. insideHPC will once again publish a special supplement with exclusive coverage of everything related to the SC10 conference which will go live approximately the first week of October. EDITORIAL: When you want to reach the most engaged HPC audience on the internet, get in touch with us at

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Scientific Computing
Scientific Computing World

Scientific Computing World is the leading international publication dedicated to the computing and information technology needs of professionals working in science, technology, engineering, and medicine. Published in print and electronic media, it covers all aspects of computing for engineering, science, technology and medicine, from the latest in high-performance computing, through the way in which the latest software is revolutionising research, to the practicalities of new product installations.

There is a dedicated HPC website devoted to the latest in supercomputing, while the associated website attracted more than 20,000 unique visitors each month in 2009, with visitor numbers continuing to grow. In 2009, the print magazine /Scientific Computing World/ entered its 16th year of publication. Published six times per year since 1994, it has a circulation of nearly 20,000 and so, with a pass on readership of four for every copy sent out, reaches around 80,000 readers.

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Since 1986, HPCwire has covered the world's fastest computers and the people who run them. Established as the benchmark publication for the most current news and trends in the world of High Productivity Computing, HPCwire is the publication of choice for the global community of business and technology professionals interested in computationally- and data-intensive computing. Covering topics such as software, middleware, hardware, networking, storage, tools and applications, HPCwire offers exclusive interviews with industry leaders on topics ranging from business and economic issues to advanced and emerging technology directions. With extensive coverage of all major HPC news, conferences and events worldwide, HPCwire is enjoyed each week by several hundred thousand readers. Being the publication of record since the early founding of HPC, HPCwire has played a crucial role in fostering the dialogue and advancement of HPC issues, including the very first SCxy conference in 1987. In continuing the tradition, HPCwire will be providing our LIVEwire daily coverage and updates from the SC10 conference floor, bringing our audience of worldwide followers from all spectrums of high performance computing the most up-to-date and accurate look at the most important happenings. To ensure that you receive these updates, subscribe to our weekly update.

All press releases and news briefing should be directed to Editorial Director, Michael Feldman at


Linux Pro Magazine, keeps the emphasis on real-life, practical techniques and delivers insightful technical articles on a range of topics. Inside the pages of Linux Pro you'll find comprehensive coverage of technical subjects, thorough reviews of new products, practical advice on tools and strategies for system administrators, tips on programming in the Linux environment, and discussions of advanced desktop techniques. Additionally, each issue of Linux Pro includes a DVD with a full version of a major Linux distribution! Linux Pro is part of Linux New Media, which offers a worldwide family of magazines that provides key information and perspective to Open Source/IT professionals and users. Linux New Media is the largest Linux magazine publisher in the world, with eight different editions in six different languages. This innovative publishing network allows Linux Pro to focus on the unique needs of the North American audience while also drawing from resources of the international presence.

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Desktop Engineering (DE) is the leader in providing design engineers and engineering managers with the news and information they need to succeed in getting the most out of their upfront design engineering tools. DE’s 60,000* subscribers stay informed about mission-critical applications including MCAD, PLM, engineering analysis, and developments in computing systems, hardware and peripherals through DE every month, and via weekly e-newsletters and daily updates at the DE website,

The HPC Revolution
Because of the computing power now available to design engineering teams, analysis is becoming faster and more accurate. Design teams are starting to work as functional groups of collaborators and CFD, FEA, and Multi-physic analysis software use is moving further forward in the design process. Visualization software is key to communication of a designs appearance and interfacing with the marketing department. Today, design engineering teams using simulation and analysis software are embracing HPC technology. Powerful hardware, fast interconnects and optimized software is scalable to all of the engineering processes. Supercomputing technology is within reach of virtually every engineer, whether working in small business or a large enterprise, they are using workstation clusters, GPU’s, large scale cluster computing, cloud computing, high-end graphics and parallelization. They are running simulations in parallel enabling engineers to create better designs, faster, and generating a higher ROI. DE is the leader in helping design engineering teams learn about new technology in HPC and the software it enables. If you are a member of an engineering team, click here to subscribe.

DE is published by Level 5 Communications, Inc.

*June 2010 BPA Circulation Statement, total qualified 60,000


SC10 Media Partners



Linux Journal, currently celebrating its 16th year of publication, is the original magazine of the global Linux community, delivering readers the advice and inspiration they need to get the most out of their Linux systems. Information is presented in-depth, a full 360-degree look at featured topics relating to Linux, giving a cohesive source of all information that readers can adapt for their own projects -- not just information they will use today, but reaching to encompass information they will need six months from the issue date. In addition to how-to subjects, Linux Journal includes opinions, new products, profiles of leaders making major contributions in Open Source, product reviews, and covers business, social and technical news and developments in order to fulfill its mission as the central forum and advocate for the greater Linux community throughout the world. If you use Linux, you too should be reading Linux Journal.

If you use Linux, you too should be reading Linux Journal. Start your risk free trial subscription today".


ScientificComputing is the leading resource for scientists and engineers, delivering the latest product and technology information in the high performance computing arena. Scientific Computing offers a wide range of resources including a print and digital magazine, website, e-newsletters and webcasts.

For more information, please visit Scientific Computing at: To subscribe to Scientific Computing magazine and newsletters: Send press releases to: Suzanne Tracy, Editor in Chief

Bio-IT World
Bio-IT World

Bio-IT Provides breaking news, analysis, and opinion on enabling technologies that drive biomedical research and drug development, with emphasis on predictive biology, drug discovery, informatics, personalized medicine, and clinical trials. Bio-IT World focuses on the technologies deployed and strategic decisions made by companies in these areas, and their impact on performance. To receive your complimentary subscription, visit: www.Bio-IT

The Register

The Register is one of the world's leading online tech publications, with more than 5 million readers a month. We are delighted to be a media partner of SC10. We run a dedicated HPC Community at - visited by more than 100,000 readers a month. Our tagline is "Where business meets supercomputing". Historically, HPC has been the province of academic, government and research institutions. Today, HPC is becoming more mainstream / commercial, with hardware standardizing around industry "building blocks" . It is no longer the realm of scientists and academics and has a role in the datacenter as the average data center is looking more like a supercomputer. The Register is covering this market in transition through news, analysis, webcasts, newsletters and forums. And no, we're not forgetting the scientists and academics!

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