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 High Performnance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

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During the seven days of the SC10 conference, New Orleans will host of one of the most powerful and advanced networks in the world – SCinet. Provisioned each year for the short duration of the conference, SCinet brings to life a highly sophisticated, very high capacity networking infrastructure that supports the revolutionary applications and network experiments that are the trademark of the SC Conference. SCinet serves as the platform for exhibitors to demonstrate the advanced computing resources of their home institutions and elsewhere by supporting a wide variety of bandwidth-driven applications including supercomputing and cloud computing.

Designed and built entirely by volunteers from universities, government and industry, SCinet connects multiple 10-gigabit per second (Gbps) wide area circuits and a 100 Gbps circuit for the first time this year to the exhibit floor, linking the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center to research and commercial networks around the world such as the Department of Energy's ESnet, Internet2, National LambdaRail, LONI (Louisiana Optical Network Initiative) and others.

SCinet is powerful enough to transfer more than 300 gigabits of data in just one second – and SC10 exhibitors and attendees are anticipated to push SCinet's capacity and capabilities to the extreme.

SCinet features three major components. First, it provides a high performance, production-quality network with direct wide area connectivity that enables attendees and exhibitors to connect to the Internet and other networks around the world.

View LIVE SCinet network traffic, available at SC10.

Second, SCinet includes an InfiniBand network that provides support for high-performance computing (HPC) applications and storage over a high performance, low-latency network infrastructure. For SC10, the InfiniBand fabric will consist of Quad Data Rate (QDR) 40, 80, and 120-gigabit per second (Gbps) circuits linking together various organizations and vendors with high-speed 120Gbps circuits providing backbone connectivity through the SCinet InfiniBand switching infrastructure.

The third component is new to SC. Beginning this year, SCinet is introducing the SCinet Sandbox—an invitation for network researchers to become part of the SCinet community and gain access to a part of this sophisticated network. Whether your interest is network monitoring, performance optimization, power / thermal research, network security, or other emerging topics, the SCinet committee invites you to submit a proposal on how your research can be showcased, enhanced or accelerated through direct hands-on participation with SCinet. Whatever network research calipers you propose, SCinet offers an unprecedented sandbox for your exploration. Click here for more information on the SCinet Sandbox.

SCinet also serves as the technological platform for conference competitions including the Cluster Challenge. These competitions seek to showcase the technical prowess and innovative collaborations of researchers and engineers representing a wide range of disciplines.

Volunteers from educational institutions, high performance computing centers, network equipment vendors, U.S. national laboratories, research institutions, and research networks and telecommunication carriers work together to design and deliver the SCinet infrastructure. Industry vendors and carriers donate much of the equipment and services needed to build the local and wide area networks. Planning begins more than a year in advance of each SC Conference and culminates with a high-intensity installation just seven days before the conference begins.

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