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SCinet Research Sandbox

View 2010 SCinet Research Sandbox projects

Research project demonstrations that can leverage the SCinet infrastructure and its staff.

The objective of this program is to create unique collaboration between specific SCinet teams and research participants at SC. Researchers are invited to submit descriptions of their demonstrations and propose how this may involve or leverage specific aspects of the SC network.

The broader aspect of the collaboration includes a link to the SC Technical Program, with goals that these demonstrations produce unique content for the Tech Program, presentations, new research results, world’s first accomplishments, research publications, or news releases. These results are expected to describe the role of SCinet’s contribution to the project demonstration and how this collaboration enabled the research results.

SCinet is created through a unique body of volunteers that are world-class subject matter experts who have amassed an incredible breadth and depth of networking and network construction experience. Researchers are invited to become part of these teams through their proposals. Specific research collaboration proposals can link with one or multiple teams based on the nature of the project demonstration being proposed. A true collaboration is expected where researchers become part of the SCinet team and SCinet is required to provide more than a service to an exhibitor.

SCinet teams appropriate for Sandbox collaboration are:

  • Measurement
  • Security
  • Wireless
  • WAN
  • Power
  • LAN/Routing

The Measurement team provides real time planning, performance and network utilization tools and metrics. For example researchers could bring new performance monitoring tool and access real time network utilization data and present findings to attendees.

Security undertakes to protect SCinet assets from external hackers and malicious access. Further, it collects extensive statistics on SC network security matters. On-site access to these high-speed taps offers researchers a unique sample of extremely diverse security data.

SCinet is responsible for providing all wireless communications networking for the conference. This is a service to nearly 12,000 SC attendees, exhibitors, and presenters with peak connectivity by as many as 2000 simultaneous clients . The Wireless team ensures uptime with constant vigilance and termination of service-affecting events such as rogue wireless devices and infected clients. Novel methods for enhanced services and network monitoring are but two research opportunity areas.

The WAN team provides national and international connectivity for exhibitor communications to external storage, compute or remote national research and education networks. For 2 weeks SCinet’s WAN is one of the fastest networks on the planet reaching speeds of .5 Tb/s. This capability is used by Scientists to support e-science initiatives, but is also available to networking R&D researchers interested in technologies to advance computer communications. One such example is network provisioning where researchers have demonstrated experimental methods for automated light-path circuit set-up and tear-down. Novel uses for ultra-high bandwidth applications have also relied on collaboration with the WAN team.

Power is a significant operational endeavor in SCinet where the multi-vendor Network Operations Center (NOC) systems, distributed/remote NOC (dNOC) equipment, and exhibitor equipment all need flexible electrical distribution systems that can provide a variety of AC and DC sources Given the diversity of the environment, the demands to provide, monitor and balance power consumption require a vital service. Researchers may be interested in collaboration with the team to experiment with new power measurement techniques.

The LAN Routing team provides essential connectivity services typical of a large, diverse production network against the backdrop of a high demand and essential reliability environment. The Routing team offers all services above the Optical Layer and provides consulting, configuration, optimization and trouble shooting services for all connected exhibitors and demonstrations. This unique and international team of Router Networking experts is integrated with the very technical direct support organizations for the multiple equipment vendors. Researchers interested in exploring network optimization, novel protocols or tools can propose to collaborate with this team and leverage the power and diversity of the SCinet infrastructure.

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