SC is the International Conference for
 High Performnance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

SCHEDULE: NOV 13-19, 2010

Semantic Graph/Database Processing

SESSION: Semantic Graph/Database Processing

EVENT TYPE: Birds of a Feather

TIME: 12:15PM - 1:15PM

SESSION LEADER(S):David J. Haglin, David Mizell, Eric L. Goodman


As the size of our data and the complexity of the relationships among our data increases, relational databases and SQL queries are failing to fulfill our query requirements. The more general representation of data in RDF triples (semantic graphs), as opposed to relational tables, is a natural evolution for data/information storage. The SPARQL query language is able to query RDF triples, but has some significant challenges to overcome. In the midst of this migration of data storage and retrieval strategies, the exploding size of data is hindering existing SPARQL query engines from performing the types of queries that this semantic graph technology promises. It is becoming increasingly apparent that part of our data storage and retrieval solutions will involve high performance computing (HPC). This BOF aims to cultivate a community of HPC-based Semantic Database (SDB) stakeholders. Attendees will find out what others are working on in this nascent area that blends HPC with SDBs. They will have an opportunity to participate in the formation of a new direction with the potential for high impact for many years. Potential researchers, developers, and users are all welcome. The "bird's eye" view of SDB shows that it looks like large graphs where each labeled edge represents an RDF triple. The SPARQL queries get transformed into some type of graph search (perhaps like subgraph isomorphism?). The ground truth may turn out to be different than subgraph isomorphism search problems. Are these really graph search problems? Are they irregular? What characteristics do these graphs exhibit? What are the computational challenges? What HPC architectures show the most promise for the SDB domain? Many questions ... few answers ... yet.

Session Leader Details:

David J. Haglin (Primary Session Leader) - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

David Mizell (Secondary Session Leader) - Cray Inc.

Eric L. Goodman (Secondary Session Leader) - Sandia National Laboratories

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