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SCHEDULE: NOV 13-19, 2010

GPUs and Numerical Weather Prediction

SESSION: GPUs and Numerical Weather Prediction

EVENT TYPE: Birds of a Feather

TIME: 5:30PM - 7:00PM

SESSION LEADER(S):William Sawyer, Mark Govett


Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models are, at first glance, not ideal candidates for GPUs: they tend to be memory bandwidth limited and have calculation intensities of only few floating point operations per datum in memory. Upon closer examination, though, many of the employed algorithms operate on vertical 'columns' in the underlying three dimension fields which have no neighbor dependencies. This attribute allows the calculation to be formulated in thread blocks. Furthermore, these models benefit from the much higher memory bandwidth of GPUs. There is a nascent community of atmospheric modelers which is looking toward GPUs as a stepping stone to higher resolution modeling which will enable new scientific development. Already several full-up models have been successfully ported to GPUs. But up to today, there has been few community discussions about the issues in programming GPUs for NWP. Our objectives for this Birds-of-a-Feather are: (1) to have at least two teams present there experiences in porting NWP models to GPUs, (2) to foster the evolving community of atmospheric modelers who calculate on, or would like to calculate on, GPUs, (3) to exchange information about programming techniques, code performance and obstacles to parallelization, and (4) to share ideas on how the task of programming NWP models on GPUs can be facilitated by hardware and software vendors.

Session Leader Details:

William Sawyer (Primary Session Leader) - Swiss National Supercomputing Centre

Mark Govett (Secondary Session Leader) - NOAA

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