SC is the International Conference for
 High Performnance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

SCHEDULE: NOV 13-19, 2010

High-Performance Genomics: Integrating Supercomputing into the Molecular Biology Laboratory

SESSION: Genomics-Driven Biology

EVENT TYPE: Masterworks

TIME: 4:15PM - 5:00PM

SESSION CHAIR: Michelle Butler

Presenter(s):Christopher Mueller


Recent advances in gene sequencing technologies have enabled the creation of instruments capable of quickly and affordably sequencing entire human genomes. Sequencing at this scale has changed the landscape of genomics by enabling individual scientists to integrate deep sequencing experiments into their research. To keep pace, labs have had to quickly upgrade their computational infrastructures, which often previously consisted of spreadsheets and lab notebooks, to include large storage systems, compute clusters, and informatics staff. At the same time, algorithm and tool developers have had to scale their solutions to process the new sequencing data. In this talk, I will discuss how high-performance computing methods are being applied to the design of systems and software used to support sequencing projects. With a focus on common genomic workflows, I will explore how sequencing data moves from the lab through analysis and what opportunities are available for both hardware and software HPC solutions.

Chair/Presenter Details:

Michelle Butler (Chair) - National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Christopher Mueller - Life Technologies Corporation

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