SC is the International Conference for
 High Performnance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

SCHEDULE: NOV 13-19, 2010

Exploring a Novel Gathering Method for Finite Element Codes on the Cell/B.E. Architecture

SESSION: Intra-Node Method Optimization


TIME: 11:30AM - 12:00PM

SESSION CHAIR: William Harrod

AUTHOR(S):Mohammad Jowkar, Raúl de la Cruz, José M. Cela


Indirect addressing is known for being slow on conventional architectures, due to the extra step of gathering data before computations can be done. There have been proposed many methods for optimizing indirect addressing. However, these almost exclusively, merely try to change the order in which data is accessed, so as to better utilize the cache. Furthermore, vector instructions can not be used, since data is not accessed continuously, and therefore valuable processing power can not be exploited. The Cell/B.E. architecture has multiple powerful DMA engines, suitable for gathering scattered data. Unfortunately, at fine data granularity, they have several constraints which make them inefficient. In this paper, a novel solution called DMA list Interlacing (DLI) is explored, which overcomes the DMA constraints and enables the usage of vector instructions, without any extra effort. It is shown that DLI can achieve speedups of several orders of magnitude, compared to conventional processors.

Chair/Author Details:

William Harrod (Chair) - DARPA

Mohammad Jowkar - Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Raúl de la Cruz - Barcelona Supercomputing Center

José M. Cela - Barcelona Supercomputing Center

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The full paper can be found in the ACM Digital Library and IEEE Computer Society

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